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About Me | Liza Rock Photography

Meet Liza


Born of parents who immigrated from Russia, Liza burned with a passion for art since she was first able to pick up a pencil. Her family came here to achieve the American dream and always encouraged her to try many things. She excelled in art and in many forms of creativity growing up.

Liza started playing piano at the age of 4, took art classes, sang in choir, was a drum major in band, and even played live with rock bands and recorded in the studio. She always enjoyed nature, animals, and the ocean and started scuba diving at an early age.

Liza also created a beautiful custom saltwater reef aquarium. Although she enjoyed it tremendously, she had to leave it behind when she relocated. She then started to collect plants that resembled some of the corals she used to keep. Her collection consisted vastly of the genus Passiflora (Passion Flower). The flowers come in many beautiful forms and she started to photograph them as they opened each day. At the time she already was a web designer and graphic designer and creating her own photographs really helped add to her business services. It wasn’t until 2014 that Liza decided to get serious about her photography hobby and buy a new camera and upgraded lenses which sparked her venture into the macro field of photography and she never looked back.

Liza had all 3 of her submitted Passiflora pictures win a page in the International Passiflora Society (PSI) calendar and she is currently the webmaster of the PSI website.

Liza has continuously been amongst the top 10% of the most popular photographers on the online international photography platform called Viewbug. Her photo “The Ominous Flagler Beach Pier” has won several awards and has been featured four times.

Liza sees the world through her lens:

“Photography is an escape to another dimension. You learn to see the world in a different way and to appreciate the little nuances and things that most people do not even notice. It is a great outlet for peace and creativity. I enjoy macro, landscape, and outdoor portrait photography the most.”